10 Ways to Save on Your Heating Bill this Winter

As the colder months approach us, we all know that means that we’ll all finally give in and crank that thermostat up a few notches, and put the heating on. The temperature going down means the bills go up. So are there ways you can save on your heating bill? Absolutely there is. In this article we discuss the 10 ways to save on your heating bill this winter.

Stable Heating

Most of us think the best way to get warm is to put the thermostat up as high as it’ll go, and then turn it off when it’s hot. Actually the best thing to do, is to set your thermostat to a temperature that’s relatively decent, maybe a few degrees warmer to keep your toes toastie, and allow the boiler to stay at a steady temperature than trying to reach 40 degrees because you’re freezing. Firing up the boiler from cold to hot all the time, uses massive amounts of energy, where as if your thermostat is set to a steady temperature, if it dips below this temperature the boiler doesn’t have much to do to reach the temperature again.

Draught Proofing

Whilst this may seem like a rather simple idea, very few of us actually take the time to figure if cold air is actually creeping in somewhere before we whack the heating on full blast. This can cause two issues. Firstly, it’s letting cold air in which is why you feel so chilly in the first place and crank the dial on the thermostat up. But secondly, if there’s cold air coming in, then there’ll be warm air going out. Checking your window and door seals is such an easy thing to do, and there are an abundance of things you can purchase if you do find any draughts. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make, not only to the heat in your home, but also to your heating bill.

Standby Power

Most people aren’t aware that when an appliance is put on standby, it actually continues using energy even though it’s not being used! What a waste I hear you say, and you’re right.

We all know we put the TV on standby, but there are an abundance of things that people don’t realise are zapping up energy without even being used. Hair Dryers, Phone Chargers, Broadband Routers, Toasters, Game Consoles, all continue to source power even when simply being plugged in. Switching them off at the wall may not save you hundreds of pounds a year, but as the old saying goes, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. It soon adds up.

Energy Saving Bulbs

Now this one is a no brainer really. Switching to more energy efficient bulbs is one of the great ways to reduce your bills. Most bulbs save an average of 75% LESS energy than a standard bulb. In monetary terms, that can be as much as £80 per bulb you replace with an energy efficient bulb. Another thing you can do, make sure you turn lights off when you leave a room if you’re not returning.

Bulk Cooking

Along with your kettle, your cooker is one of the greediest appliances in your home. Of course we all have to eat, we’re not suggesting you stop using your cooker at all, that doesn’t make any sense. However is there a way you can do batch or bulk cooking? An oversized Lasagne maybe, or a spaghetti Bolognese? Maybe even a Shepherds Pie? Or even cooking more than one meal at a time that simply need reheating later in the week? Not only can it be energy efficient, it can save you hassle in the week of having to cook everything from scratch each time.

Portable Heaters

If you live on your own, or you share a home with your partner, what is the point of heating up every room in your home if you’re both sharing the same room? Maybe it’s worthwhile purchasing a portable heater or two for rooms that are used more frequently, such as the living room and the bedroom? Do you really need the hallway and the kitchen heating? This can be a real cost saver, not only are you not using the gas to heat your radiators if you do opt for portable heaters, but also you’re not trying to get an entire home to reach a certain temperature. The other positive to portable heaters, is they’re likely to start heating you from the moment you turn them on. No waiting around for the radiators to warm up, roasty toasty from the moment you switch it on.

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats such as Hive can be a great way to heat your home before you’ve even got home, which means you can avoid cranking the thermostat up to 40 degrees when you walk in freezing cold from the outdoors. The great thing about smart thermostats, is once they’re installed they’re super easy to configure, most being programmable from a smartphone. Which means whilst you’re out doing your Christmas shopping knowing you’re heading home, you can turn it on so that you walk into a nice warm home instead of an icy building. These can cut costs by 10-15%; warm and cost saving.


No, not for your nan, for your home. Fleece blankets are a great way to keep warm, and can feel very cosy when you’re snuggling on the sofa. Sharing a blanket and body warmth with someone is a great way to keep you warm. And avoid having to put the heating on all day long. Adding a layer of blankets to your bed is also another way to keep you warm. Snuggling under one at the end of the day as you drift off to sleep nice and cosy.

Layer Up

If you’re sitting in your home in shorts and t-shirt wondering why you’re freezing, it could be to do with your choice of attire. Put on a vest, t-shirt, sweater, jumper. Cardigan, anything else that can keep you warm. If it’s a choice between a jumper or the heating on, opt for the jumper. The great thing about layers, is that you can choose how many you use, and if you get too hot, just take one off. It can cut costs dramatically instead of boosting the heating every time your toes get cold. Invest in some nice cost slippers.

Meter Readings or Smart Meter

This last one, whilst it doesn’t physically keep you warm, it can be a perfect way to save costs. If you don’t have a smart meter installed already, try and get one installed as soon as you can. It’s totally free to you as a customer. And almost every utility company can provide you with a smart meter installation. This is a great way to make sure you’re only paying for what you actually use.

If for some reason you can’t have a smart meter installed, or can’t have one installed early enough, submit monthly meter readings. One of the biggest issues with billing is estimated meter readings. These can be completely wrong and you could be under or overcharged. While being undercharged may feel like a blessing, it’ll only be added on to a later bill, meaning you could end up paying out more when you least expect it.

To Conclude: 10 Ways to Save on Your Heating Bill this Winter

We hope our top 10 ways to save on your heating bill this winter will help you to save a few pennies, or a few pounds. Simply by following some or all of our 10 top tips. They will help you reduce your heating bill during the winter periods. Whilst keeping you and your home toasty warm.

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