5 Boiler Maintenance Tips

Protecting the lifespan of your boiler system has never been more important. This is due to many factors, with cost being the primary reason. By having regular maintenance completed you can ensure this is the case, as well as saving money in the long run. At Heating Connect we are specialist heating engineers. In our latest article we take a look at 5 boiler maintenance tips we would recommend.

What Is Boiler Maintenance?

Boiler maintenance and boiler servicing are closely linked. Boiler maintenance is the process of ensuring that your boiler is running at its full capacity to preserve its lifespan. A boiler is one of the most used appliances within your home so maintaining it is key. The popularity of boiler maintenance has also become more popular once the benefits are explained.

The Five Key Tips

Now we understand what boiler maintenance is, we can look at the five key tips that we would recommend. Some of the tips need to be carried out by registered and trained heating engineers. The team at Heating Connect are specialists in the areas of maintenance so are always on hand to help. The 5 boiler maintenance tips we would recommend include the following:-

Boiler Servicing

Boiler servicing as mentioned is very closely linked with boiler maintenance. By using regular servicing ideally on an annual basis, you are able to ensure the lifespan and efficiency of your boiler is kept at its maximum. This is done through a series of checks and also recording of any issues that are likely to occur. 

During a boiler service the inner workings, pipework and also controls are all checked to ensure they are working as they should be. This will give you a good understanding of how your boiler is performing and if there is any remedial work that needs carrying out. Alongside this, it also helps to reduce costly repairs, validates warranty and also ensures your boiler lasts for a longer time.


A boiler powerflush is by far one of the best methods in which you can utilise beyond the standard boiler service. A powerflush is designed to rid the boiler of any sludge, debris and also blockages that may occur. This is done by flushing your pipes with a concentrated solution with a variety of pressures. By clearing out the pipework you can ensure water is able to travel freely to heat your home. As well as ensuring that your boiler has no need to work harder than it should.

Lagging In The Pipes

Lagging the pipes is great for those that need to keep heat within their pipes in winter. Due to the decreases in temperature, it is not unheard of for pipes to freeze. This can cause issues in the heating process, with your boiler needing to work harder to heat your home. Lagging your pipes involves fitting a special type of insulation around your pipes. Alongside keeping your pipes from freezing, it is also great for maintaining heat to reduce wastage.

Bleeding The Radiators

Bleeding your radiators has more than one benefit. The first being that it helps to keep the health of your radiators intact. Your radiators are what give out heat to your home, so ensuring they are working as they should be is key. The second is pressure. Sometimes boiler pressure can be too high and this can lead to issues with your radiators. Therefore this quick and easy method which you can do at home does have real all round benefits.

Switch On Your Boiler

One of the most effective boiler maintenance methods is also one of the most simplest. During the summer months most of us will not have their boiler turned on due to less usage. This is not a good thing to do for a variety of reasons. To ensure that all is running as it should be it is key that you keep letting your boiler run through a full cycle on a regular basis. This allows you to see if there are any faults.

To Conclude

The 5 boiler maintenance tips that we would recommend are made up of some of the most popular solutions in the industry. By having an awareness of boiler maintenance you can ensure that you can maintain the lifespan of your boiler. And as explained this is a key focus point for many homeowners. At Heating Connect we are specialist heating engineers. For more information on our boiler maintenance packages then please Contact Us.


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