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Since we all rely so much on our heating systems, especially in the cold winter months, its sensible to have an annual service completed by a qualified gas safe registered engineer to help maintain the longevity, efficiency and safety of your system.

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According to the leading energy website Uswitch, the avg. cost of a typical repair in the UK is £315. And MoneySuperMarket say you can expect to pay anything from £150 for a minor repair to £400 for more serious work, such as replacing a heat exchanger.

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Boiler Service

It is important to perform an annual service on your boiler, your boiler is integral to your family’s comfort, often providing both a warm house and hot water for baths, showers and sinks. Since we all rely so much on this especially in the cold winter months its sensible to have an annual service completed by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. Amongst other reasons our engineers can help maintain the life of your system and check it is running safely.

Some reasons to complete an annual boiler service.

Stay Safe.

Possibly the most important factor when deciding to service your boiler is the safety of yourself and your family. Gas leaks are very rare but can be extremely dangerous and even fatal. Servicing your boiler annually allows us to test and check that there are no carbon monoxide leaks and leave you with piece of mind for the year ahead. We will also be able to highlight any repairs that may be required to continue with normal safe operation.

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Keep your warranty intact.

If you have a newer appliance your purchase decision would more than likely have taken into effect the length of the warranty from the manufacturer, with warranties of up to 12 years it is vital that you don’t forfeit this no-cost hassle free time. It will be a primary condition that to maintain your warranty you will have to have an annual service completed, and failing to do so will invalidate your claims and could leave you having to pay for costly repairs.

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Small fixes and adjustments can stop expensive repairs.

Whilst servicing your boiler we will be able to spot any issues and take care of the before they become an expensive and inconvenient repair. For example it would be better to re-pressurise an expansion vessel in a combi boiler than to have it fail and leave you without heating and a bill potentially for hundreds of pounds.

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Saving money.

By regular servicing your boiler will be operating at its most efficient, by doing this the amount of gas consumed will be the lowest it can be, be foregoing servicing your boiler may start to use more gas to get the same results for you. As mentioned regular servicing can fix small faults before they become costly problems but did you know that a regularly serviced boiler should last many years longer than one that is not cared for.

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What we do during an annual service.

We will follow the manufactures instructions for the servicing of the appliance, don’t worry if you do not have them or can not lay your hands on them at the moment, we have access to a comprehensive database of manuals which we will consult. The service carried out by our experienced engineers usually includes, but is not limited to:

  • Check of boiler controls / programmers to ensure correct operation, with replacement of batteries if required.
  • Gas and pressure flow tests
  • Inspection of internal components, and cleaning of these if required.
  • Inspection of flue and combustion gases analysis.
  • Check the correct operation of safety devices.
  • Check of all water and gas connections to the boiler.
  • Check of all case and combustion seals to ensure the complete integrity.

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