Boiler Servicing in Leicester

Once you have had a new boiler installed, then you need to consider boiler servicing. Boiler servicing is a process which we discuss with our clients on a daily basis, and explaining the benefits really demonstrates how much it is needed. At Heating Connect we are specialist heating engineers with a vast amount of industry experience. We also have been offering boiler servicing in Leicester for a number of years with some great success. In this article we will look at the reasons why you need to consider having your boiler serviced. 

What Is Boiler Servicing?

Boiler servicing is the process of having your boiler go through a thorough inspection to test overall working functions. A boiler service has many benefits, not just the usual validating of warranty. We advise all our customers to book in to have a yearly service, as it will help to prolong the lifespan of their new boiler

The process we follow is extensive, and allows us to really inspect your boiler. We find with this process we can offer the best value for money possible, as well as make sure we give the best advice possible. Our process is as follows:

  • Check all boiler controls and programmers to ensure that they are working correctly. 
  • Gas and pressure flow tests
  • Inspection of internal components. These will all be cleaned if required
  • Inspection of flue and gases analysis 
  • Check the correct operation of safety devices to ensure they are operating correctly 
  • Check of all water and gas connection to ensure they are working at full capacity 

Our process has been designed with our experience of working in industry, and to what we found to be the most effective.

Why Do I Need Boiler Servicing

Boiler servicing is important, and integral to the overall lifespan of your boiler. There are many benefits to having your boiler serviced once per year, alongside just some of the convention reasons. Below we have detailed the main areas which we explain to our customers on a regular basis.

The Benefits

  • Validate Warranty  

In order to validate your warranty most brands will require you to have a yearly service. A warranty is key as it will cover you against any costly breakdowns which are under the manufacturers agreement. 

  • Save Money 

This may seem counterproductive as you need to pay for your service, however there is a money saving element here. A service maintains your efficiency as we will discuss later on. Better efficiency means there is less wastage. Also, a service will save you money on any costly repairs. Our process enables us to check all parts of your boiler for defects, or faulty parts. With the expectation we will fix them accordingly before they become costly or inconvenient repairs.

  • Efficiency 

As we offer a very rigorous servicing process we are able to help maintain your boilers efficiency. By making sure all the relevant switches are working, pipes are intact and your levels are where they should be, we can help limit heating wastage. By limiting wastage, you will find that there are no increased costs on your monthly, quarterly or yearly bill.

  • Repairs 

During a boiler service we look at any potential repairs that need to happen. These repairs that we carry out, if any, are designed to limit any costly or inconvenient repairs that may occur in the future. If there are no repairs required then great, however a boiler service will show us all.

These are just some of the benefits which our customers have experienced since working with us. We always advise our customers to book in a yearly service once having a new boiler installed, so we are able to maintain it during its lifespan.

Why Use Heating Connect?

Heating Connect are your local heating experts with a wealth of knowledge in the industry. This wealth of knowledge has led us to work with numerous homeowners as well as commercial clients. All of our team are trained to the highest level of industry standards, as well as being gas safety registered. Therefore if you are looking for boiler servicing in Leicester then we are the people to call.

To Conclude

Having your boiler serviced is crucial to its overall lifespan, and efficiency. Our boiler servicing process is simple and effective to ensure that we can test all the elements we need to. Boiler servicing in Leicester has become very popular, and many of our clients have really seen the benefits since having it conducted on a yearly basis. Contact Us for more information on how we can help service your boiler.


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