Boiler Servicing in Nottingham

Boiler servicing is a great way to maintain your boilers lifespan and its efficiency levels. A yearly service is also advised by many of the industries leading brands, and at Heating Connect we couldn’t agree more. Therefore if you are looking for boiler servicing in Nottingham then look no further than Heating Connect.

About Us

Heating Connect are your local heating experts. Our experienced team are all trained to the highest levels of industry standards, as well as being gas safety registered. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a professional and friendly service at all times. Whatever the heating requirement you have within your home, Heating Connect is able to help.

Our Boiler Servicing Process

When carrying out a boiler service we follow a rigorous process. This is a process we have developed over many years of working within the industry. And have found this gives us the best chance of ensuring the lifespan of your boiler. This process is the following:

  • Check all of the boilers controls and programmes to ensure they function and work correctly
  • Pressure and Gas flow tests
  • Removal of outer casing to inspect internal components. Cleaning is carried out if necessary
  • Inspection of flue and combustion gases analysis 
  • Check operation of safety devices 
  • Check all pipework connecting water and gas to boiler 

The above process is one we have developed over time whilst providing boiler servicing within Nottingham. Our customers highly rate our service, and like the thorough nature to which we operate.

What Are The Benefits Of Boiler Servicing?

Other than the usual benefits to having a service, there are also a multitude of reasons to why a yearly boiler service can be beneficial for your home. What is apparent with boiler servicing is that it is definitely required, and something we advise all of our customers to book in with us. Some of the benefits of boiler servicing are as follows:

Most manufacturers will require a yearly service in order to validate your warranty. A warranty will protect you against any costly repairs in the future if they are covered by the manufacturer. Our expert team can provide a report to when the boiler has been serviced to help keep this validated.

  • Repairs 

As our process which we listed above is rigorous we are able to see potential areas that may require repairs in the future, or currently need to be repaired. By inspecting all areas of the boiler we can intervene before repairs become costly, or an inconvenience. 

  • Efficiency 

An efficient boiler will save you money in the long run. It is that simple. When a boiler is working within your home, there is natural wastage. Having an efficient boiler however will limit that wastage, and will mean that it is more effective when heating your home. The less it wastes, the less money you have to spend.

  • Cost Savings 

This may seem counterproductive to some, but investing in a yearly service will also save you money. By us inspecting your boiler we are able to identify faults, potential repairs and also ensure your boiler is running at its maximum capacity. Therefore saving on your heating bill, as well as costly repairs.

  • Safety 

All of the above are just some of the benefits to having your boiler serviced yearly. By including all these things above you can guarantee that your boiler is going to remain healthy throughout its lifespan within your home.

To Conclude

Boiler Servicing is key to ensuring that your boiler maintains its efficiency, as well as works as effectively as possible during its lifespan. The benefits it can bring go deeper than just maintaining your boilers warranty, and can extend to saving you money over the course of the year. Therefore if you are looking for boiler servicing in Nottingham then get in touch  with us now, and one of the professional and friendly teams will be able to help.


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