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How Do I Know When My Boiler Needs Servicing?

When it comes to having your boiler serviced, there are many signs which will tell you if it needs doing. Many people neglect the servicing element, however once they realise its benefit they are quick to get one booked in. At Heating Connect we are specialist heating engineers, and also specialists in boiler servicing. In this article we will look at a commonly asked question in how do I know that my boiler needs servicing?

Why Do I Need Boiler Servicing Anyway?

It’s a good question, and one that is asked by many of our customers. Your boiler is one of the most used pieces of equipment within your home and even your business. Hot water is a must for every day life, and so is heating during the colder months. A service is integral to its maintenance and upkeep. 

Most manufacturers recommend a yearly service as this helps to validate warranty. But it also ensures that regular maintenance is carried out. With this maintenance you will see a number of benefits to your home, one being the ability to see if there are any major faults due to happen. Which can in turn save you a lot of money in the long run.

What Are The Signs?

How Do I know my boiler needs servicing? Easy, as there are some very clear tell tale signs. If you suspect any of these are happening, or suspect something is not quite right then please do let us know. It’s better to have a service completed now, then look at costly repairs in the future. Some of the signs to look out for include:-

  • Lack Of Maintenance Previously 

Not so much a sign but something you will be aware of. Many homes and commercial buildings do not have maintenance carried out on their boilers at all. As the boiler is one of the most used pieces of a home, it is important to make sure that it is working at its maximum capacity. 

  • Leaks

A leak is always a sign that your boiler is not working correctly, or needs to be serviced. Leaks are sometimes mistaken as an efficiency issue, however this is not always true. A leak could be a crack in the pipes, or it could be a bigger issue internally. If you do notice a leak then contact a registered heating professional.

  • Poor Efficiency 

You do not need some fancy piece of equipment to tell if that your boiler is not working as efficiently. If you turn it on, it takes ages to heat up or does not really heat up at all this could be a sign of poor efficiency. 

Your heating bill will also tell you if your boiler is not working efficiently.There is going to be a natural rise in heating costs per year. However you will see a significant change if your boiler is not working at its maximum capacity. A service, and the way in which it is conducted will help to improve the efficiency by looking at the internal working, as well as replacing anything that is not working correctly. 

  • Slow Heat Up 

If your boiler is slow to heat up or even start then this is a sign you may need to have it serviced. It could also be linked to many other issues, however a service will allow you to find out what the issues are. 

  • Loud Noises 

Noises are one of the easiest signs to notice and could signal that there may be an issue. This could be noises from the boiler itself, or even the radiators during start up phases. Whenever this may be, it is advised that you organise for a heating engineer to take a look.

  • Age Of Your Boiler

As mentioned in one of the other points your boiler is one of the most used pieces of equipment in your home. This will mean that over time natural wear and tear will mean that maintenance is required to ensure its overall working. If it is over a decade old then it may be time to invest in something new. However, under that decade banner then a yearly service will definitely help.

To Conclude

The above points answer the question of how do I know when my boiler needs servicing. If you do suspect that there may be an issue it is always a good idea to have a gas safety engineer out to you home or even business. At Heating Connect we are specialing heating engineers with a variety of experience within the industry. If you do need any assistance with your boiler then please do Contact Us.


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