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How Long Does A Boiler Service Take?

When it comes to having your boiler serviced, most will not understand the benefits that it brings. Boiler servicing and the maintenance of your boiler has become vastly popular due to most not having enough money for costly breakdowns or installations. However, how long does a boiler service take? At Heating Connect we are registered heating engineers with vast amounts of industry experience. 

What Is A Boiler Service

A boiler service is the process of having a registered heating engineer into your home in order to carry out maintenance and checks on your system. A boiler service is great for maintaining your boiler during its lifespan, as well as spotting issues that may arise in which you were not aware of.

How Long Does It Take

The time it takes for a boiler service to be completed will vary. However it should never take under 30 minutes if your heating engineer is doing it correctly. Factors such as size of boiler, size of home and also type of system will determine what needs to be checked. Potentially on your first service you will find it takes longer as there is a need to be more thorough, especially if it has been over a year. Most engineers will be able to give you a rough time estimate when you book.

What Does It Involve

Most engineers will have a set process in which they will follow. At Heating Connect we have developed a thorough process to ensure that we leave no stone unturned. Where we add value as a business is ensuring that we can make our customers boilers as efficient as possible. Our process looks like the following:-

  • Check of boiler controls / programmers to ensure correct operation, with replacement of batteries if required.
  • Gas and pressure flow tests
  • Inspection of internal components, and cleaning of these if required.
  • Inspection of flue and combustion gases analysis.
  • Check the correct operation of safety devices.
  • Check all water and gas connections to the boiler.
  • Check of all case and combustion seals to ensure the complete integrity.

Most companies as mentioned will offer something similar if not the same. Where we stand out is also our experience of running this process and tailoring it to ensure we add as much value as possible.

What Are The Benefits

When it comes to having a boiler service completed there are a host of benefits in which it can bring in the long term for your home. Understanding these benefits may be what entices you to have a service completed. Some of the main benefits you should be aware of are as follows:-

Validate Warranty & Insurance

When it comes to your boiler, your warranty is one thing you need to be aware of. Warranty is what will protect you against any costly repairs or breakdowns that the manufacturer will cover. However, to keep this warranty valid most will require a yearly service to be carried out.

On the other hand most will have insurance against things like their boiler. Therefore covering them extensively if their boiler is to break. With this insurance, you may be required to have a yearly service carried out and logged in order to keep it validated.

Maintain Efficiency

As the boiler is one of the most used items within your home, it is important to keep it as efficient as possible. Mainly so that you are able to keep the costs as low as possible. Over time, your boiler will lose its efficiency but you can limit this with a service. 

During a service, all inner workings, pipework and other areas are checked as well as cleaned to ensure they are working correctly. This is great, as it allows your boiler to be running healthy and at its maximum capacity.


Within your home safety is paramount. A boiler burns harmful gases in order to produce heat so the chances of a leak are always heightened. There are many measures you can put in place to limit this, however having a service is one of the most effective. 

During your service, your heating engineer will check the pipework around the boiler and your home. They will then be able to spot any faults or obstructions which could be detrimental moving forward.

Limit & Spot Repairs

A boiler service is a great way to spot repairs that are needed or potentially will be needed. This is why we are so dedicated to our process, and have built this robust system to add the most value to our customers. Limiting and spotting repairs is a great way to ensure that you are not going to be stuck without a boiler, or have costly repairs at no notice.

To Conclude

To answer the question of how long does a boiler service take it is varied. Many factors will make up how long it takes for the engineer to complete it. What can be answered very clearly are the reasons why you need boiler servicing. It can bring a host of benefits as well as limit costly repairs in the future. For more information on boiler servicing and also our process at Heating Connect please Contact Us.


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