New Boiler Installation in Nottingham

Introduction to a New Boiler Installation in Nottingham

A new boiler installation might be necessary to heat your home if your current boiler is broken. Typically, your boiler will need to be replaced every 10-15 years. In places where the weather gets cold, your boiler can provide you with unimaginable comfort. Newer boilers are also very energy efficient and provide you with better heating for less money. In this article we take you in-depth on a new boiler installation in Nottingham.

Types of Fuel Used 

There are different types of boilers that can be installed. Each boiler has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs and requirements, will depend on the boiler you choose. If you are replacing an older boiler, then having a new boiler installed will save you money on your energy bills. Newer boilers are more energy efficient.

Natural Gas and LPG Boilers

Natural gas and LPG boilers are the most common type of boilers found worldwide. You can run either a LPG boiler or a natural gas boiler depending upon your nearby areas’ availability. There are ways to convert LPG boilers to natural gas and vice versa. 

Electric Boilers

Electric boilers are the most efficient type of boilers. They use electricity to then convert into heat. Even with their efficiency, they are not used much because they are slow. Electric boilers are suitable for homes that are small and places where the climate is not that cold.

Wood Boilers

Wood boilers are excellent for homes that are large. And these boilers are significant and can provide excellent heating. Wood boilers use wood to heat water that is then circulated throughout the house. 

Boiler Installation and Replacement

At Heating Connect, we have many years experince installing boilers. Our aim is to ensure you choose the right boiler for your budget and the size of your home. We provide new boiler installation in Nottingham to keep you and your family warm.

Swapping your old unit out for the same type makes for an easier installation process. But, for many people, there are still huge benefits in switching to a new, modern energy-efficient unit, and this can heavily outweigh the argument of swapping like for like. Technology does get better year on year, and you can take advantage of the benefits with a new unit.

Boiler Service

It is important that you keep your boiler well maintained. We recommend you get your boiler serviced annually. This will ensure that you keep your boiler clean and will keep any manufacturers warranty intact. During the service of your boiler we will be able to spot any issues and take care of them before they become an expensive repair.

The service carried out by our experienced engineers usually includes, but is not limited to:

  • Check of boiler controls / programmers to ensure correct operation, with replacement of batteries if required.
  • Gas and pressure flow tests
  • Check of all case and combustion seals to ensure the complete integrity.
  • Inspection of internal components, and cleaning of these if required.
  • Inspection of flue and combustion gases analysis.
  • Check the correct operation of safety devices.
  • Check of all water and gas connections to the boiler.


Getting a new boiler installation in Nottingham is an integral part of your home. Many people will have a new boiler installed to get reliable heating. Especially during the winter months you are going to want warm heating and hot water.

However, a boiler does need regular inspection and service. You should be getting your boiler serviced once a year to maintain it. This will pick up any issues with the boiler and allow them to be fixed before it breaks down. You get get your boiler serviced with Heating Connect from just £55 each year.


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