The Boiler Service Checklist

A checklist is always a great way to understand what parts of processes are apparent within a specific task. This is no different for boiler servicing. Having a checklist allows owners to see what process their boiler is going to be taken through, and what each stage means or is testing. At Heating Connect we are specialist heating engineers with a focus on boiler servicing. In our latest article we have constructed the boiler service checklist.

What Is A Boiler Service

A boiler service is the process of having a registered heating engineer enter your home and inspect your boiler. During this inspection, the engineer will pay particular attention to the inner workings of your boiler, as well as the controls which allow the boiler to be used. These are key areas that have a higher issue rate, so ensuring their overall working is vital to the boiler. Boiler servicing has become even more popular in recent times, so the rate that people have their boiler services has also increased.

The Boiler Service Checklist

Now we understand what a boiler service is, we can now take a look at the checklist of what’s included. Most boiler engineers will have a set process in which they operate to ensure that all of the boiler components are checked. By checking all the components you can ensure that the boiler is running as effectively and efficiently as possible. A typical boiler checklist will include the following:-

Visual Inspection

To begin the boiler service the engineer will complete a visual inspection of the system. This will also include cleaning any of the more noticeable parts in which make up the boiler system. The visual inspection is a great place to begin as this will dictate what happens next in the process. If there are issues, they can be further investigated underneath the outset casing. 

Operation And Control

After a visual inspection has been carried out, the operations and controls are then checked. This is anything that may appear to control the pressure, temperature or even programmes on the boiler. These need to be working correctly to make sure that you are able to programme and use your boiler in the most effective way. Not having control over the boiler can mean that it is harder to limit wastage. 

Flue And Combustion Releases

The engineer will then move onto checking the construction, termination and route of the flue. The flue is the pipe which runs from your boiler to the outside of your home. During the inspection they make sure that there are no obstructions in the flue terminals and that it is safely fitted to handle its role within the system.

Clean The Main Boiler Components

As mentioned at the start there is a period during the service where the boiler is cleaned. This is to ensure that the boiler has no obstructions or anything that may hamper the inner workings. During this cleaning process, the engineer will take a further look at potential locations where defects or issues may occur. This will include the main burner, heat exchanger, flue ways and ignition pins.

Checks, Checks, Checks

Along with this checklist there are also numerous things that are also checked during this service. These include the following:-

  • Flame sense device and whether it operates correctly 
  • Boiler operations 
  • Flue effectiveness
  • Heating controls 
  • Gas and pressure flow 
  • Safety devices 
  • Seals 

Conduct A Record

Once all of the necessary areas have been checked the engineer will then look to conduct a variety of further checks all of which are recorded. This will include looking at the boiler pressure or heat input. This will give the engineer a good idea if there are any issues with the inner workings. But are also recorded so that they can be used in the event if further inspections are required.

Ensure The Boiler Is Ready To Use

Once the boiler service has been completed with all the necessary checks, it is then the job of the engineer to ensure that once put back together, the boiler is working as it should be. Any controls or settings that were altered during the service are returned back to their normal workings. This ensures that the user is able to take their boiler back to its original set up.

To Conclude

The boiler service checklist is an in-depth look at what our process entails and the reasons behind why we do what we do. By ensuring that we conduct a thorough service of your boiler, we can ensure that it is working in the most effective and efficient manner. With the need to save money and ensure that appliances work, boiler servicing is vital. At Heating Connect we are specialist heating engineers with a focus on boiler servicing. For more information on our services please feel free to Contact Us.

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