The Boiler Warranty Myth Buster

Understanding why your boiler warranty is important will lead you to ensure that it is validated when it needs to be. As with most warranties or insurances there are a number of myths which may deter people for ensuring that what needs to be is done. However, at Heating Connect we understand the importance of a validated warranty. Therefore in our latest article we have put together the boiler warranty myth buster.

What Is Boiler Warranty And Why Is Warranty Important?

Boiler warranty is something that comes with all new boilers and covers a range of fittings and components in the event of a breakdown. Most manufacturers offer a 10 year warranty which is valid usually if the said individual has a yearly service conducted. Warranty is therefore important for maintaining health of your boiler system. 

Alongside the health of your boiler system, in the event of breakdown which requires repair a number of manufacturers will cover these repairs so not to cause any further costs. A warranty saves money and also ensures that you have peace of mind with your boiler running smoothly.

What Are the Myths?

As with all technical areas there are a number of myths which surround your boiler warranty and associated elements. By dispelling these myths you can ensure that what you are having done is right for you, as well as ensuring that validating your warranty is a top priority. Some of the most common boiler warranty myths include the following:-

New Modern Boiler Don’t Need A Warranty

A new boiler may be more modern and also more efficient but this does not mean you should ignore the fact that a warranty is very valuable. A warranty is a great way to protect your boiler from costly breakdowns, as well as give you peace of mind that if anything is to go wrong that it is covered. A warranty can save hundreds if not thousands of pounds on repairs so ensure it is carried out regularly.

The Manufacturer Has To Install The Boiler

When you begin searching for your new boiler you may find that some manufacturers will offer a range of benefits if you have it installed directly. This does not have to be the case, and what is also beneficial is having the same engineer install your boiler to who services it. This way you can ensure continuity and also a standard service across the board.

The Manufacturer Has To Service The Boiler

No the manufacturer does not need to service the boiler themselves. This can be done by an outside contractor or any registered professional. When looking for a boiler service to be completed look at who has the most experience as well as those which offer the best service. A boiler service is a key component of your boiler’s lifespan so needs to be taken care of accurately and efficiently.

A Boiler Warranty Can’t End Early

No matter how new your warranty or boiler may be, you need to ensure that you adhere to the terms and conditions in order to keep it validated. This will more than likely mean that a yearly service needs to be carried out. During this service all of the components for your boiler are checked thoroughly.

Home Insurance Covers The Boiler

Do not fall into the trap of not thinking that your boiler warranty is not needed due to home insurance. Most home insurance policies unless stated do not cover the boiler within your home. Before discrediting the warranty on your boiler it is best to check with your insurance provider that this is the case.

The Installer Will Register The Warranty

Once a boiler has been installed the warranty will need to be registered before it can be used. It is the owners job to register the warranty so to ensure that it is active and valid. Most warranties will be valid for the first 30 days and then after that will need to be registered properly via whatever means stated.

To Conclude

The boiler warranty myth buster has been designed to dispel any reasons why you would not want to validate your warranty. A warranty is very important for making sure that you have peace of mind that if anything is to go wrong then it is covered. As a boiler is a very expensive appliance, ensuring its lifespan is very important. At Heating Connect we are heating experts with a keen focus on boiler servicing. For more information on our services please feel free to Contact Us.


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