The Complete Guide To Boiler Servicing by Heating Connect

The Complete Guide To Boiler Servicing

When it comes to your boiler, it is one of the most used components of your house or even within your business. Regardless of the temperature outside it is used either to heat water, keep your house wam or potentially both. Therefore keeping it working is of paramount importance. At Heating Connect we are registered heating engineers with a specialism in boiler servicing. In this article we have put together a complete guide to boiler servicing. 

What Is Boiler Servicing

Boiler servicing is the process of having a registered heating engineer come into your home or business to check the integrity of the boiler and its workings. During this service pipework is checked, outer workings as well as inner working. Ultimately ensure all is working correctly. 

Choosing The Right Person

When it comes to having your boiler serviced it is important that you partner with the right business. This will entail ensuring that your engineer is gas safety registered as well as qualified. At Heating Connect this is something we pride ourselves on. All of our team are trained to the highest levels of industry standards as well as having numerous years of experience. All this culminates in us being able to deliver a premium service. 

Signs That You Need A Service

You know your boiler better than anyone. Mainly due to the fact you are always within your home and business. Therefore you will know when things don’t seem right. There are some tell tale signs that your boiler needs a service as well. The things you need to look out for are as follows:-

Appliance Not Working

Most boilers will not take long to heat up at all. If your boiler is at the stage where it is not working at all it goes without saying that you need to have it looked at. This could signal a complete failure or just a part that needs to be replaced.


Strange noises coming from the boiler? Or the radiators? You may need a service. If anything doesn’t sound the same when it is being started, or even whilst it is turned on then it is important to ensure that you have it checked.

Increased Condensation

A boiler system is designed to heat your home. If there is increased condensation in certain rooms when you have had it turned on then it may not be heating to the correctly. 

Longer Start Up

Once turned on most boilers do not take long to heat up and work. If your boiler is taking long to turn on, or even get to that heat level you need then it may be time to have it looked at. This could be a combination of things affecting your boiler, but it is advised to have it checked. 

What Is The Process

A rigorous process will be followed by those carrying out a boiler service. This will ensure that your boiler is checked correctly, and is also serviced thoroughly. Most processes will be the same and will include the following steps:-

  • Check of boiler controls/programmers to ensure correct operation. Replace batteries if required.
  • Gas and pressure flow tests.
  • Inspection of internal components, and cleaning of those if required. 
  • Inspection of flue and combustion gases analysis.
  • Check the correct operation of safety devices. 
  • Check all water and gas connections to the boiler. 
  • Check of all case and combustion seals to ensure the complete integrity. 

The above is the process we have set out at Heating Connect. We feel this is the best way to ensure that your boiler gets the thorough checks and service in which it requires.

What Are The Benefits

When it comes to the complete guide to boiler servicing, one of the main areas are the numerous benefits to be had. The benefits in which it can bring help to reduce any issues within the home or business, and can also save you money in the future. Some of the main benefits you will see include the following:-

Increase Efficiency

By having your boiler serviced on a regular basis you can ensure its working at its maximum capacity. During our service as detailed above we ensure that all elements of your boiler are checked. We also clean parts if we feel this will also be beneficial.

Makes The Home Safe

As a boiler burns gases in order to generate heat, the chances of a leak are always heightened. This is why when we conduct a service we check the pipework to ensure it is working correctly. We understand that safety in the home is important so make this a key component of the service.

Saves On Repairs

Saving on repairs that could be costly is important. A boiler service helps to do this. Servicing the boiler checks the integrity of the inner workings and also outer parts to ensure nothing is damaged or not performing. If it is, then we can discuss at this stage the best way to move forward.


One of the most common and spoken benefits of having your boiler serviced is validating warranty. Most manufacturers will require that you have it completed annually. Validating warranty is important as it ensures that if anything was to go wrong, you would be covered.

To Conclude

In our complete guide to boiler servicing we have included the various stages of deciding if you need a service as well as the process itself. It is always important and advised to make sure that you have a yearly boiler service carried out. This will help to keep your boiler running as efficiently and effective as possible. At Heating Connect we pride ourselves on delivering for our customers. If you require a boiler service or some advice then please Contact Us.


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