Top 5 Reasons to Get your boiler serviced by Heating Connect

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Get Your Boiler Serviced

Here at Heating Connect we know that having your annual boiler service can be one of those overlooked household tasks, especially if everything seems like your boiler is in good working order.

However, not having your boiler serviced can lead to problems happening at the worst of times that could lead to you having to depart with way more cash than the cost of the boiler service.

So here’s our Top 5 Reasons you should get your boiler serviced.

The Top 5 Reasons To Get Your Boiler Serviced. 

  1. Keep Your WarrantyWhen shopping for your boiler the warranty may well have been one of the deciding factors that led you to your purchase in the first place. So bear in mind that most manufacturers will require an annual service in order to keep the warranty valid. This means not having your boilers annual service could lead to your warranty being void in the event of a malfunction happening. When you consider that some repairs can cost upwards of £400 to put right when you add up the labour and parts, having an annual boiler service that can be as cheap as £55 seems like a wise decision to make.
  2. See Faults Early – Although your boiler may well seem like it’s working on the surface, having a boiler service in many cases can highlight issues that may not have been obvious to the layman. Another consideration to take here would be that most boilers don’t malfunction until the winter time, when they’re most used and needed. This is the main reason many people opt to have their boiler serviced in late summer or early autumn.
  3. Efficient for your Wallet Sometimes people consider having a boiler serviced to be an unnecessary expense, especially if it seems like your boiler is working smoothly. However, as a part of your annual boiler service your engineer will carry out all the checks needed to ensure your boiler is operating efficiently.  Energy efficient means that your boiler takes less energy to heat your home, this is great for the planet and will result in lower energy bills for you.
  4. Stay Safe According to the NHS around 60 deaths a year are attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning and that number in America is alarmingly higher, in most cases this is due to faulty boilers. Having your boiler serviced annually annually aids in the prevention of situations like this happening in your home. Allowing you the peace of mind that you’ve done all you can to keep your family and loved ones not only warm but safe.
  5. Saves Money on Repairs – This may seem obvious, but boilers that aren’t serviced regularly are more likely to break down. Even if your boiler seems like it’s working great throughout the summer months, problems can easily rear their ugly heads as the winter approaches and it gets colder. Whilst conducting your service it’s likely your engineer will highlight and repair any minor issues before they turn into major problems. A boiler repair will likely see you having to pay out for parts, a call out fee and possibly even repairs to your home, this can all add up to a very costly but, easily avoidable situation.

Bonus Reason To Get Your Boiler Serviced.

It’s the Law for Landlords – If you’ve ever lived in a rented property or rented a property out you’ll probably know this already, but in England Landlords are required by law to provide an annual boiler service. Landlords are also required to have a gas safety check carried out on the flues and gas appliances, these checks will be done at the same time as the gas boiler check.

What To Expect During an Annual Service.

So now you’ve booked your boiler service what can you expect your engineer to do whilst he’s there? Below we’ve compiled a list of the most common checks and tests our experienced engineers will usually carry out.

  • Check Boiler Controls – One of the first things our engineers will do is check your boiler controls and programmers to ensure that everything is working properly, we will also replace the batteries in the unit if required.
  • Gas and Pressure Flow Test – We will then carry out a gas and pressure test, this ensures that the gas that is coming into your home arrives at the correct pressure. The operation is done at the gas meter and requires the temporary installation of a gas pressure gauge.
  • Inspection and Cleaning of Internal Components – Then an inspection and cleaning inside the unit itself will take place, we’ll check for any potential defects and clean out the internal components where necessary.
  • Inspection of Flue and Combustion Gases – We will then inspect the flue to ensure that you’re achieving the maximum possible carbon combustion in your boiler system.
  • Check Operation of Safety Devices – An inspection of the safety devices that your boiler uses such as safety valves, water level cut-offs and water-gauge glass will take place to ensure everything is working properly.
  • Check All Water and Gas Connections – All water and connections to the boiler will then be checked to ensure there aren’t any leaks or blockages in your system.
  • Check All Case and Combustion Seals – Our Engineers will check all the case and combustion seals to check that the integrity remains to the highest standard recommended.
  • We Follow The Manufacturer’s Guidelines – We always follow the manufacturers guidelines when it comes to servicing their appliances, if you happen to have lost your instructions, don’t worry! We have a massive and comprehensive database of manuals that we can access at a moment’s notice right at our fingertips!

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