Understanding The Benefits Of Boiler Servicing

Understanding The Benefits Of Boiler Servicing

When it comes to boiler servicing understanding the benefits is very key to explaining why it is so important. More and more people are enquiring about boiler servicing than ever which is great for us to see. At Heating Connect we are big advocates for boiler servicing and have seen a number of our customers benefit from it in the longer term. In this article we therefore look to help our customers in understanding the benefits of boiler servicing. 

What Is Boiler Servicing?

Boiler servicing is the process of having a registered heating engineer enter your home and complete a mini version of an ‘MOT’ on your heating system. Boiler servicing allows that heating engineer the time to look at the inner workings, pipework and also any controls that may be integral to the usage of the boiler. By ensuring these all work in the way they should it will ensure that your boiler feels the full benefit.

What Does It Entail?

The process of boiler service is very simplistic in itself, and ensures that all areas are covered as they should be. Most will have a rigorous process in which they operate to best ensure that the boiler service is carried out effectively. At Heating Connect we have devised a process which is tested and thorough to best ensure that we provide maximum value to our customers. This process looks like the following:-

  • Check of boiler controls / programmers to ensure correct operation, with replacement of batteries if required.
  • Gas and pressure flow tests.
  • Inspection of internal components, and cleaning of these if required.
  • Inspection of flue and combustion gases analysis.
  • Check the correct operation of safety devices.
  • Check all water and gas connections to the boiler.
  • Check of all case and combustion seals to ensure the complete integrity.

What Are The Benefits?

When it comes to understanding the benefits of boiler servicing there are some really key things you need to think about. Having this knowledge will really demonstrate why you need to have an annual boiler service carried out. At Heating Connect we advise numerous customers a week on the benefits. Some of the most common that we speak about includes the following:-

Reduce Energy Bills

A reduction on energy bills is always apparent with regular servicing. This is mainly linked to the efficiency of the boiler. When a boiler is serviced it ensures that all of the parts as well as the integrity of the pipework is as it should be. This therefore means that when it is turned on and used, it will heat the home in the best and most efficient way. Limiting wastage is key to reducing your energy bills.

Save Money On Repairs

This may seem counterproductive, however by spending money on a boiler service you can limit money on repairs in the future. Most heating engineers will have a set and rigorous process in which they offer during a boiler service. The process we offer at Heating Connect is just that. By offering this service we can ensure we are thorough. 

Most repairs will be required when you least expect it. By having a service, we can ensure all parts of the boiler are checked and tested or even cleaned if needs be to ensure that everything is working well. As a boiler is one of if not the most used appliance in your home it is more likely to need repairs due to use. Make sure this is limited and you will see the financial savings over its lifespan.

Ensure Your Warranty And Insurance  Is Valid

Possibly one of the most important benefits to boiler servicing is ensuring that your warranty is valid. When having a new boiler installed most will have a ten year warranty in which they will offer. This is on the provision that a yearly service is carried out. If there was to be a breakdown and you have the annual service then you may be covered under the warranty by the manufacturer.

The same as a warranty, your insurance if you have any will be dependant on a yearly service also. This would mean that if you didnt have the service completed and you needed costly repairs you may not be covered under insurance. The financial gains from having a boiler service therefore is very important.

Stay Legal (Landlords and Businesses)

For rented housing and also commercial properties it is a legal requirement that there is a yearly service carried out. All parts of the boiler including pipework and flues must be checked to ensure they are working the way they should be. If there was to be an accident and the boiler had not been serviced then you may find yourself liable if there was a court case.

To Conclude

Understanding the benefits to boiler servicing will really allow you to see why you need to have an annual service completed. Annual servicing is advised by all major manufacturers and works hand in hand with the reasons above. By doing this you can guarantee a healthy lifespan as well as runs efficiently for as long as possible. At Heating connect we are registered heating engineers with a particular focus on boiler servicing. If you would like some more information about the process in which we offer and also our services then please do Contact Us.


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