What Is Boiler Efficiency?

Heating your home for less is always a key focus for homeowners. To do this, you need to ensure that your boiler is running at a high efficiency level. Boiler efficiency is therefore something you need to focus on. At Heating Connect we are specialist heating engineers with a focus on keeping peoples boilers running as they should be. In our latest article we take a look at what is boiler efficiency.

What Is Boiler Efficiency?

Boiler efficiency is how well your boiler uses the energy it is supplied to heat your home both for central heating and water. For boilers that have a higher efficiency level they have a limited amount of wastage and also heat your home to a better level. Efficiency is linked to heating bills, therefore having an efficient boiler also means that you are likely to have a lower heating bill.

What Is A Boiler Efficiency Rating?

In the UK there are a few efficiency ratings which you need to be aware of. They are not complex to understand but are worth having a knowledge of, these include:-


ErP or as it is also known energy related product directive is used for modern boilers. The grading is broken down into letters with a series of symbols. A+++ being at the top and G at the bottom. The higher up the levels you go the more efficient your boiler is.


SEDBUK or as it is also known, seasonal efficiency of domestic boilers is what the rating system was called before ErP came into effect in 2015. Therefore if you have an older boiler system this is what you may see. A SEDBUK rating is displayed as a percentage to avoid confusion from the ErP lettering system. 

How Do I Keep My Boiler More Efficient?

Now we have an understanding of what boiler efficiency is now we need to look at how you keep these levels up. An efficient boiler will ultimately save you money in the long run and also mean that your boiler will have a long lifespan. Some of the ways you can make your boiler more efficient include the following:-

Get A Service

Boiler servicing is one of the best ways to ensure that your boiler is efficient. During a service your boiler is checked to ensure that there are no issues or defects that may affect its performance. This will entail checking the inner workings of a boiler, as well as the technical controls and also pipework. By having a boiler service you can ensure that all is working as it should be, and any remedial work that needs completing is also done.

Bleed Your Radiators

Bleeding your radiators is not just aimed at ensuring that they are working as they should be. This small but effective maintenance technique can help a boiler to run better. By releasing the pressure from your radiators your boiler does not need to work as hard as it originally was. Therefore limiting wastage, and also ensuring your radiators are heating to full capacity. 

Top Up The Pressure

Low pressure is not good for your boiler and can have a profound effect on its performance. Ensuring that your boiler is at the required pressure level will ensure that it runs as it should do and will also heat your home to the correct level without the need for it to work even harder.

Run The Heating Every Month

During the summer months most will not use their heating. This is not advised and for many reasons. Allowing your boiler to not go through a full start up phase could mean when it needed most it fails, or faults occur. Ensuring that you run your heating through a full cycle once per month can help to eliminate any issues occurring later on down the line. As well as giving you an opportunity to identify issues before the more harsher winter period.

Insulate Your Pipes

Insulating your pipes is a very effective but also cheap way to ensure maximum output from your boiler. During the winter months and with a drop in temperature it is not unheard of for water within the pipes to freeze. By insulating your pipes with what you can find at a DIY store, you can ensure that water travels freely all year round.

To Conclude

Understanding what is boiler efficiency is a key component to boiler maintenance and servicing. You need your boiler to be more efficient as it helps to reduce wastage, reduce energy bills and also prolong its lifespan. All areas which everyone is looking to achieve in the longer term. At Heating Connect we are specialist heating engineers with a focus on boiler servicing. For more information on our services and what we have to offer then please feel free to Contact Us.


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