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What To Do If You Miss Your Annual Boiler Service

When it comes to having your boiler serviced many will still forget as it does not seem as important as bills, car insurance or even car MOT. However, this attitude is changing and continues to change after owners realise its benefits. At Heating Connect we are specialist heating engineers with many years experience in boiler servicing. In this article we look at what to do if you miss your annual boiler service

Who Should Organise The Service?

When it comes to organising your next service, it is the role of the customer be that commercial or residential. Most will have a way to track when their last service was, or you can approach the last heating engineer or manufacturer of the boiler you have. There are associated benefits which we will discuss later on this article when it comes to a yearly service. Therefore ensure you have a way to keep track.

What To Do If You Miss An Annual Service?

If you think that you have missed a service then there are one of two things that you are able to do. The first one will be to contact the manufacturer itself. They will have a record of when your last service took place. If it has been close to a year then now is the perfect time to have it booked in. Alternatively if it is over that time period then arrange it as soon as possible. 

Your second option would be to contact the engineer who carried out your last service. They will have a record of when they visited your home and carried out a service. This may be the better option out of the two as it will allow you to book a service then and there over the phone. 

At heating connect as part of our process we ensure that we notify our customers 11 months after their last service. This then allows them an ample amount of time to rebook and ensure they hit that annual deadline.

What Are The Benefits To A Yearly Service?

When it comes to having your boiler serviced on a yearly basis there are a number of benefits attached. These reasons have links to money within your home, as well as just general upkeep. Some of the benefits to be aware of include:-


Over the lifespan of your boiler, you will see that it’s efficiency levels decreases. In order to limit this decrease an annual service can help. During a service inner workings and various other elements are checked and cleaned if needs be. This can help to ensure that your boiler is running at its highest capacity.


Most manufacturers will require a yearly service to be conducted in order to ensure that the warranty is validated. A valid warranty can help to limit any costly repairs in the long run if something was to happen. Many of the boilers parts are covered under this warranty.


A boiler has to burn gases in order to generate the heat needed for your home. These gases are harmful, so the chances of a leak are somewhat elevated. During a boiler service the registered engineer will check the integrity of all the pipework as well as the inner workings. This is to ensure that all is intact, as well as working correctly. To overall limit the chances of a leak

Repairs/Cost Saving

This may seem very much counterproductive, however by having a yearly service carried out you can limit any costly repairs in the future. Due to the rigorous process in which Heating Connect operates we ensure to check all the workings of the boiler to make sure all is working as it should be. And if not, we can look at ways to repair this moving forward.

How To Avoid Missing A Service?

There is no one set way to make sure that you do not miss your next annual service. Most businesses and homeowners will keep a track on a calendar or just have an idea of when their last one was. From the benefits above you can see why making sure you do not miss your annual service is very important. 

To Conclude

As you can see, ensuring that you have a yearly boiler service is important. When it comes to what to do if you miss your annual boiler service, ensure that you contact the manufacturer or heating engineers who conducted your last service. At Heating Connect we work with a number of residential and commercial clients. If you would like some assistance with your boiler servicing then please do Contact Us.

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