What To Expect From A Boiler Service

The process of boiler servicing is one in which is still very much misunderstood. On a daily basis, we find ourselves telling our customers why they need an annual service as well as the benefits in which are attached. As we also approach a time of year when your boiler is most used, it is important to make sure that it is firing on all cylinders. In our latest article the expert team at Heating Connect explain in more depth what to expect from a boiler service.

What Is A Boiler Service?

A boiler service is the process of having a registered heating engineer come to your home to check on your boiler system. During this process they will conduct thorough checks on the inner workings of the boiler which will involve removal of the outer shell, as well as your pipework. The benefits as we will discuss shortly will show why an annual service is required. 

What Happens During A Boiler Service?

The process during a boiler service is somewhat standard amongst many. By having a boiler service completed you want to make sure that your system has had a thorough check to ensure that if there are any issues they can be identified. The step by step process on what to expect from a boiler service will be as follows:-

Step 1 – Protect Your Home

Ensuring your home stays clean and dirt free is important. The engineer will lay down protective sheeting around your boiler so as not to damage the floor or anything close to where he or she is working.

Step 2 – Visual Check

To start the service, a visual check will be performed. This will be checking the pipework is not obstructed, the flue are all positioned correctly as well as to make sure the ventilation mechanisms are not blocked by debris.

Step 3 – Check Your Boiler Is Working Safely

The main part of the service will ensure that the boiler is working as it should be, and will involve taking off the outer casing to check the internals. Some of the key focus areas are:-

  • Correct gas and pressure flow 
  • Correct flue and combustion operation 
  • All electrical connections are working as they should be 
  • Seals are intact 
  • Electrodes are in good condition 
  • Condensate trap and pipe are not blocked.

Step 4 – Safety Checks

Standard safety checks are performed to ensure that your boiler is safe to still be running within your home. At this stage they will also check to make sure any CO monitors installed are working as they should be to help alert you if there are any leaks.

Step 5 – Report Back

At the end of the service the engineer will report back his findings as well as if there are any issues that need to be looked at. It is from here, if any next steps are required they can be sorted and organised with the engineer themselves.

Why Is It Beneficial?

Boiler Servicing does also provide a lot of benefits to your home. Some of which you may be aware of and others you may not be. On a daily basis we explain what these benefits are, and also show client examples that have benefitted from this servicing pattern. Some of the benefits include the following:-

Validate Warranty

The warranty on your boiler is very important, so ensuring that it is validated is therefore a must. Most manufacturers will offer a 10 year warranty on parts replacement. Keeping this validated therefore will help to reduce any costs if there is a fault. To keep this warranty validated most will require a boiler service annually to be carried out and recorded.

Safety In The Home

Keeping your home safe and those within it are of paramount importance. For most boilers, they will produce Carbon Monoxide which is a by-product of the gases burned to make heat. Carbon Monoxide or CO as it is also known is very dangerous, due to its odourless and colourless nature. During a service all pipework is checked to ensure that it is connected as it should be, as well as safety measures that have been implemented are working. 

Limit Costly Repairs

Instead of waiting for your boiler not to be performing as it should be, ensure that a service is carried out. During a service there is a thorough process that is conducted on your boiler. During this, heating engineers are able to detect any issues that may be occurring or are likely to occur in the future. Regardless if these are small or large, plans can be then put in place to remedy these situations. Therefore reducing costs and inconvenience later on down the line.

Check Pipe Integrity

As we approach the winter months your pipework needs to be checked to ensure it is able to cope with the added demand. During the winter it is not uncommon for pipes to freeze if the temperature is to drop too low. However, this can be solved with a variety of methods. During a boiler service all pipework leading into the boiler as well as away is checked to ensure it is carrying the necessary fluid as it should be. This will ensure that efficiency of the boiler is at its highest levels. 

To Conclude

Boiler Servicing is a must for your home if you want to ensure it is running as it should be, as well as to prolong its lifespan. By understanding what to expect from a boiler service and also doing this you can ensure that costly repairs are kept to a minimum. As well as that your monthly heating costs are driven down. At Heating Connect we offer boiler servicing plans from as little as £50 per visit. For more information on what this includes as well as any of the other services we offer please Contact Us.

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