What’s The Right Type Of Boiler For Me?

Having a new boiler installed in your home can sometimes seem like a challenge. Especially when there are so many options on the market today. However, in actual fact the decision does not need to be complex as many of the consideration points are decided for you. At Heating Connect we are accredited and experienced heating engineers. In our latest article we take a look at whats the right boiler type for me.

What Are The Different Types Of Boilers?

To begin this article we need to take an indepth look at what the various types of boilers are. This is the first step to understanding what the right type of boiler is for me. There are three main types that are commonly used in households across the UK. These include the following:-

Conventional Boilers

A conventional boiler heats up water and stores it in a hot water tank ready for when it is needed within your home. Once the water has run out, you will need to wait for this reserve to be replenished again. These systems are better for larger homes with a higher demand. The tank needed to store all this water can take up a lot of space.

Combi Boilers

A combi boiler, or a combination boiler as it is also known are the most commonly used within the UK. They work by providing hot water on demand which comes from the mains pipes leading into your home. By providing water directly from the mains, the water in which you have has enough pressure so there is no need for a shower pump or equivalent components. Better yet, a combi boiler also does not need an external water tank so is very much space saving.

System Boilers

A system boiler works by supplying hot water to the storage cylinder and also the radiators that are within your home. They work similarly to a combi boiler by ensuring that the main components of the boiler are installed in one unit. Therefore making the storage and also installation of the boiler easier. This boiler type is ideal for homes with more than one bedroom or those that need more water than a combi can provide.

Choosing The Right Type

Now we have taken a look at the various boiler types, we need to look at how you can go about choosing the right type. As alluded to above, there are some key factors that can make up what boiler is going to be best for your home. Some of the factors that you need to consider include the following:

Existing System

For ease of use, and also to make sure that the next installation you have goes well, most heating engineers will recommend that you have the same system as before. This is mainly due the infrastructure already being in place from the previous system that you already are using. For example, if you have a combi boiler, then you may not have the room in your home for an option that requires a water tank.

Available Space

To go into more depth from our previous point, space is going to be a key contributor to what boiler you are going to need. Most boilers are installed in homes due to the space in which they have. For example you could not have a conventional boiler in your home if you did not have the space for the water tank. 

Hot Water Usage

The third and final consideration point is going to be down to the hot water usage in which you have in your home. If there is likely to be a demand for hot water via multiple outlets then you may need a system boiler or conventional boiler. However, this will also be dependent on what storage space you have left.

Choosing The Right Size

Once you have taken a look at what boiler type you are going to need, it is then down to looking at what size you need. Boilers come in a variety of sizes to meet the various demands for multiple households. Some of the points that you need to consider include the following:-

Hot Water Demand

One of the first considerations you need to look at include how the size of the boiler is going to cope with your hot water demand. It is also worth considering if your demand is going to increase, due to anything that may happen in the future. It is key to consider this as most boilers are in peoples homes for around 10+ years.

Size Of Property

The size of your property will be a big determining factor. If you have a home which is connected to the mains source, then you need to ensure your boiler is able to output the supply you need for your entire property. Most domestic boilers are measured in range of output which ranges from 5 to 35 kW.

Heat Loss

Reducing wastage is key to keeping costs down within your home. There is no point in having a really efficient boiler as most of this heat is going to be escaping your home. Most think that to counteract this, they should oversize their boiler. This is not true as you will find in actual fact you continue to waste more.

Choosing The Right Fuel Type

The final part of deciding whats the right type of boiler for me, involves looking at what the best fuel type is going to be for your home. What fuel type will be somewhat decided by the location of your home, however there are some options that you can choose include the following:-

Mains Gas

The most commonly used in the UK are boilers that are connected to the gas network around them. With a gas boiler there is a constant supply of fuel and also it is considered to be the cleanest type of fuel there is.


If you are not connected to a gas network then an oil based system is going to be one of the most popular alternatives to use. As this affects around 4.3 million UK households, the rise in oil boiler alternatives is increasing. 

Biomass And Alternative Energy

With such an emphasis on renewable energy sources and alternative supplies, it is now more common for homes to be installed with one of these options. A biomass boiler is considered to be more eco-friendly as it is powered by a sustainable energy source. Which will usually consist of wood pellets or chips and logs.

To Conclude

When it comes to looking at whats the right type of boiler for me, there are many consideration points as detailed above. This is where using the knowledge of a registered and experienced heating professional will come in. At Heating Connect we have the knowledge and experience to assist our customers in deciding what is the best boiler for them. For more information on our products and services please do Contact Us.

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