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Why Is It Better To Service A Boiler In The Summer?

When it comes to boiler servicing the need to have it done is always important. The chances are with the amazing weather currently upon us, the thought of having your boiler serviced is not top of your list. However, as we know the summer doesnt last too long so it is important to get everything sorted prior to our cold snap. At heating connect we are specialist heating engineers with a focus on the boiler servicing. In this article we look at the question of why is it better to service a boiler in the summer.

Why Do You Need Annual Boiler Servicing

There are many benefits attached to the use of annual boiler servicing. Having your boiler serviced does not just ensure its lifespan, but also can help you financially. Limiting breakdowns, maintaining efficiency and also validating warranty are just some of the areas in which it can help.

Why Should You Have It Done In The Summer?

To best understand why it is better to have service your boiler in the summer, you need to understand the reasons behind it. Having your boiler serviced in the summer is beneficial for a number of reasons. Some of these include the following:-


Having workmen in your home is very inconvenient for most due to work and life commitments. During the summer however more people are outside in the sun as well as off work for various breaks. Having a service completed in the summer therefore allows more time to work around your schedule, or living space. 

Convenience will also cover if there are unnecessary breakdowns. It is very inconvenient in the main part of the winter to not have any heating or hot water. Annual servicing allows you to ensure that all of the work that needs completing, or various checks are concluded. 


Each and every person is looking to save as much money as they can. The cost element of having a boiler serviced completed in the summer branches into two areas. The first area is around the cost of the actual service. You will see many companies offering a discounted rate as boilers tend to slip to the back of people’s minds when they are not being used. Luckily, at Heating Connect we provide a very competitive servicing rate all year round so our customers get great value for money. 

The second and most important part of cost will be the cost of repairs. During the winter months when the boiler is being used to its full capacity, it gives it a chance to breakdown more frequently or there to be at least one issue. An annual service in the summer therefore can help to reduce breakdown costs. Meaning the only money you need to pay out is on the service itself, not the repair. 


There is no secret that a boiler service helps to keep your boiler running in the way it should be. During a service many companies will operate a very strict and thorough process to ensure that it is running at the levels in which it should be. A service will take a look at all the workings including the pipework. Ensuring these are clean, free from blockages and also working helps to maintain efficiency levels.

Early Fault Detection

A thorough and regimented service process allows for early fault detection. By checking all of the main areas of the boiler, as well as its workings you can ensure that any potential faults that may occur are avoided. By catching these faults early you are able to ensure that they are fixed before they become bigger problems. Especially during the colder months when your boiler is used more.

To Conclude

Looking at the question of why is it better to service a boiler in the summer? There are many points which support why you need to have it done. The main one is ensuring that the boiler is running as it should be. Leading into the winter months your boiler is going to be one of the best pieces of equipment in your home. At Heating Connect we are specialist heating engineers with a key focus on boiler servicing. For more information please do Contact Us.


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